DigMyPics Review From Cheyenne, WY - Movie Memories

Years ago I had my parents' old home movies transferred to VHS thinking to preserve them and see them again. The VHS tapes that were produced by another company were terrible; very little was recaptured and most of the tapes were blank. Based on that experience I was hesitant to try again, especially as the 8mm film rolls had only gotten older. I read about Digmypics, their pricing seemed very reasonable and I loved the guarantee so I figured it was worth a shot. Out of 900 feet of film, they recaptured 750 feet and I was astounded. The service was not only excellent quality considering the source (the 8mm film was at least 50 years old!) but they were professional, helpful on the phone and fast. Absolutely and highly recommend this company; if they can't do it, it can't be done.

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