DigMyPics Review From Branford, CT - Why didn't I do this sooner?

I've known for a long time that I had to do something with my slides. I couldn't enjoy them as often as I would have liked to, I couldn't share them with family that lived in distant cities, and I couldn't stop the inevitable deterioration of them so I went online & found digmypics.com and am so glad that I did. Not only was the website one of the best I've seen in 14 yrs. of being online but their customer service and interaction with their customers was far beyond any I had ever experienced. My beautiful slides are now on my computer in digitized form and I am now working on creating a personalized DVD for each member of my family to enjoy these 'slides'. What a great decision it was to do this and I'm glad I didn't wait any longer since some of my slides were already damaged beyond repair. Thank you DigMyPics.com.

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