DigMyPics Review From Chester, VA - Our 35 mm memories

My wife and I decided to give copies of our 35 mm slides to our two children for Christmas, something I wish that my father had done for me. We shipped off about 1800 slides around Thanksgiving hoping that we would receive the files back in time to burn DVD's as Christmas presents. They arrived with a week to spare and we were elated with the quality of both the digital scans and the customer service. I was contacted several times with suggestions about how to improve the end product (for example, higher dpi for a few 110 slides). I was kept informed of the progress of the work and assured that it would be completed in time for Christmas. The DVD's were organized in a manner that made my sorting and re-burning fairly straightforward. All of the scans were oriented correctly both vertically and left-right. Thanks so much for this work. It was worth every penny. David

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