DigMyPics Review From Ocala, FL -

Of the seven discs, six of them went to our children. Five of them have played it and tell us that it was so good that they didn't want it to end. They wondered how you were able to fit the music to the appropriate scene and also zoom in and out to make it appear to be a movie. They loved it which is what we were hoping for. Our one son has been working out of town and we haven't heard how his disc is yet. You did a great job, Scott. The music was great. It was amazing that when you zoomed in to a group, you zoomed to our child! Also, we have movie reels of the children taken at the same time. Some we put together without music and later found another couple of hundred feet that we didn't put in. What do you think you could do about bringing those movie reels to life like the slides? One of the problems would be we have no projector to view them so we can put them in order for you. We have all the original film.

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