DigMyPics Review From Newtown, PA - they did it again!

This was my second time to use digmypics, and I am just as happy as I was the first time. This time, I had forgotten to put all the slides into the first box I sent, and I was worried that the order would be confused, or that I would have to pay more for two orders. I contacted the company via email, and got a quick response from Annette, who helped me through a couple of bumps (of my own making) and made everything go smoothly. I love the way they respond personally to questions, reply to emails, notify you of the status of your work all along the way, and even let you respond to a status email if you have questions! I don't know of any other company that does that. And the people answering questions actually help you in a knowledgeable way; they're not simply there to upsell you. I do a lot of digital projects and have done a huge amount of my own scanning, but what I get from digmypics is much better than what I can do myself. They do a beautiful job, and I have no cleanup to mess with (dust spots, etc.) afterwards. In addition, I get high resolution scans from them that would be very time-consuming for me at home. I intend to continue using them, if they can keep up the standards they have been maintaining so far.

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