DigMyPics Review From Wellesley, MA - scanned 35mm B/W negatives

I had about 100 black and white negatives scanned. Even though they were in plastic sleeves they had accumulated a great deal of dust. I specifically asked that they be cleaned before scanning. And thankfully they did a great job of removing all the dust which made a big difference. Also the fact that they allowed you to reject 20% of the scans made a big difference because there were multiple negatives at different exposures. There were also a number of outright bad negatives in the strip (blanks, totally overexposed). I was concerned about having to pay for scanning these negatives but they must have rejected them as unusable and they were not included in the final scans. In the end I had just the negatives I wanted. Overall I have been pleased with the service and results. Will use them again. Have more negatives to scan!

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