DigMyPics Review From Chandler - Definitely Way Beyond My Expectations

I had several hundred slides converted that had been stuck in an envelope for just over 20 years. I was extremely skeptical about even bothering to have them converted due to age and poor care. But, some were priceless photos I'd personally taken while diving in the Cayman Islands in 1996. When I loaded the resulting photos to my PC and brought them up on a 32" HD screen I was so blown away by the incredibly pristine quality of the pics I was speechless. There's no doubt the tech who did them really put some effort into the job, even though it was only about a $90 project. Every picture has perfect color balance, brightness, contrast, etc. Far better than if I did them myself in Photoshop; and I'm pretty darned good in PS. Kudos to DigMyPics for their outstanding work. I've spent hours showing these and many others to my friends and they are astounded every time. I will never go anyplace else for work like this! Thanks DigMyPics!!!

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