DigMyPics Review From Cupertino, CA - AWESOME Service, Prompt Processing and Excellent Results

I sent my daughter's engagement picture negatives to be scanned. I was thrilled with the service and results. Since there is always a little concern about losing things or having things damaged, I was very happy to be contacted throughtout the process. I got an e-mail confirming you receipt of the negatives, a call from you to recommend the best resolution for the negatives (BTW, a lower resolution than I had ordered - excellent results), an e-mail with a sample scan so I could see the reason for the recommendation, an e-mail informing me of the completion of my order and finally and e-mail confirming the shipment of my order back to me. I was expecting good service, but what I got was OUTSTANDING service. I'd give it a 10 on your 1 - 5 scale. Many thanks. I'm looking forward to having you do the wedding negatives! Regards, John

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