DigMyPics Review From Pikeville, KY - GREAT JOB !

We had a box of nearly 1800 feet of Super 8 film of the kids and our early married life that had been laying around nearly forgotten for years. Some of it was as old as 44 years. Our projector had long since went belly up and became obsolete. We couldn't even remember what was on the film, so finally we decided to have it digitized before it faded away to nothing. So after a week or so of research and reading, I decided on DigMyPics.com. To make a rather long story short, I can say we are absolutely delighted with the results. We had our film scanned into mpeg format and I am presently editing it and will burn it to DVD. You guys took some marginal film and did an outstanding job with it ! Your company even took the small 25' reels and put them on large reels. What a professional job. Each time I spoke with your personnel, I was impressed with their knowledgable, straight forward answers. I am recommending DigMyPics to my friends and anyone who demands quality. Thanks again ! Doug Thompson

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