DigMyPics Review From Westby MT - Compare and Contrast

I had a lot of slides and not much time. I sent the first order off to another company. The second order was sent to digmypics about a 1-1/2 weeks later. The first company does not keep me informed about what is happening with my order. DMP does. The first company does not make the pictures available for download immediately after payment; you have to wait for the DVD to be shipped to you. I had my DMP photos downloaded in less than 1/2 hr. after my payment was processed. The first company got the pictures well before DMP, but DMP returned usable images to me while the first company was still "pacifying" me with vague promises. "Don't worry; your order will be there before you leave for your trip. In the meanwhile, my DMP order is categorized, incorporated into the slide show, shared with relatives, posted on FB...you get the idea. Over the winter, I expect to have more digitizing to be done. So will my husband. I recommended to him, and to everyone I've talked to about this experience, that DMP is the company they want to use!

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