DigMyPics Review From Hillsboro Mile, FL - High Resolution CD

Very pleased with the 4 Album. Very pleased also with the 4 DVDs However I got only 1 Low Resolution CD and 4 sets of High Resolution 2 CD each. I find the High Resolution CDs useless. I am unable to view them except each section individually unlike the Low Resolution CDs Moreover, I am also unable to print any photos. Every time I try the photo comes out larger than the entire page and I am unable to reduce it. Unlike the Low Resolution CD where I can print each photo, at any size of my choosing, with no problem. I'd like to return the High Resolution CDs(4x2) in exchange for 4 single Low Resolution CDS. I reviewed my order and I am unable to find where there is a mention of High Definition Cds as opposed to Low Definition CDs. Thank you for your cooperation.

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