DigMyPics Review From Newtown, PA - Excellent work and service

When my son suggested I try Digmypics for some archival family slides, I had low expectations. Everything I'd read about other companies had led me to believe that I would pay a lot, wait a long time, and perhaps be satisfied -- if my pictures weren't lost. Nothing could be farther from the truth with Digmypics. Service was personal, with my questions answered quickly and clearly via email and phone from start to finish. Service was fast, only 8 business days from when I put the slides in the mail to when I downloaded the finished images onto my computer. They did predict a slightly faster completion date than they acheived, but they still came in within the window I had originally expected when I sent them off. The pictures were crisp, clear and clean -- although the slides were over 40 years old and not particularly well cared for over the years. The price was fair (although it would have been better had I had more slides), and I felt that the staff shepherded my work along with a professional and personal touch from start to finish. I will definitely do business with Digmypics again, and hope they maintain their standards as their business grows, which it is sure to do.

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