DigMyPics Review From Largo, FL - Off the Carousel

For decades, my closet has been filled with carousel trays of slides, plastic sheets of slides, boxes of slides. Every year brought another New Year's resolution to do something about this, eliminate duplicates, toss extras, cull mercilessly. But every year I did nothing. Finally, DigMyPics helped me to bring order out of chaos!! My wife and I meticulously went through tray after tray, projecting them all from the ancient slide projector, enjoying the memories, then selected the best, tossed the rest (who needs 200 slides of the Grand Canyon?). My phone and on line discussions with DigMyPix convinced me this was doable, so from 5000 slides, I selected my prime 800 (children's pix, travel pix, arty farty pix), sorted them into labeled groups, FedEx'd them off, and waited for the queue to clear. Soon enough, I was able to view my slides now digitized on line. Amazing! But even more amazing is the quick and professional work DigMyPix brought to this endeavor. Soon enough, I got a printed catalog of thumbnail images, along with 2 DVDs that held these priceless (to me) images. I've now downloaded them onto my computer and have been sending them out to friends and family. Images are crisp, clear, organized. Though I had option of deleting ones not wanted, I think out of the 800, I eliminated maybe 10. All were that good! DigMyPics is everything their website says it is--they're helpful, professional, available, communicative. My closet is clear. The albatross around my neck has been removed. Once again, I can enjoy the images, revisit the past, marvel at the passage of time, breathe easier knowing the images are preserved and accessible. Thank you DigMyPix and all on the crew who worked on digitizing and organizing these slides. --Ben Wiley

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