DigMyPics Review From Bethesda - Could not be happier!

After my mother died in 2013, I ended up with a collection of 750 very precious family photos dating from the the 1920's-2013, as well as 1200 ft of 8mm home movies from the 50's-70's. I wanted to digitize all so my sibs could also have them, as well as to preserve them for posterity. I simply could not be happier with the whole process of working with digmypics to do this. Needless to say I had misgivings about shipping all this stuff off to Arizona, but the website gave me confidence that I was dealing with a totally professional operation, and gave me clear advice and instructions on how to organize, pack, and ship the collection. I was kept informed of every step of the process, and consulted about it several times. The results are truly breathtaking. The processing was phenomenal, and we now have pictures that are better than the originals, especially for the oldest photos from the 20's-40's. And the movies, which we watched countless times while growing up, are clearer than anything I can ever remember seeing, either on the old screen or in the VHS version that was made 20 or 30 years ago. The collection was returned to me, packed with the same care I had put into sending it to them. I probably could have had it all done more cheaply, but I would use digmypics again in a millisecond. Both the results and the customer service far exceeded my wildest expectations, and my sibs and I are grateful for the memories.

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