DigMyPics Review From Radnor, OH - Old Family Photos

My parents moved in with me 3 years ago and just recently my mother passed away. I found old slides and negatives in their belongings that I was curious about. I found Digmypics online and read the testimonials past customers sent in, so I thought, why not take a chance. They did just as advertised. They received my order, logged them in, sent me an email so that I knew they arrived. Digmypics sends you the photos through email as they are being processed so you can view them.. It was amazing to see them before they were even in my hands.They keep you posted at each step and when they have fine tuned them in their office, they allow you to choose what you want up to 20% of which you can delete. I was ecstatic by their professionalism. I was considering buying my own processor/scanner to print them, but glad I did not, as the expense would have been too great and I would not have gotten the quality that they were able to give me. The whole process did not even take 2 weeks. I was worried about the cost, but considering what I would have paid to buy the equipment to do it, I leave it to the professionals because these pictures/memories were too precious to lose. Thanks Digmypics I got to relive some of my childhood. Look for my old movies and tapes as I will be sending them also to transfer for me.

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