DigMyPics Review From WHITEHOUSE STA, NJ - Memories Now Can Be Shared!

Gone are the slide carousels and the parts to repair Dad's projector. You will be totally in awe [and with significant emotion] when viewing your digitized slides and reel to reel movies. You single copy media is carefully tracked and converted. Email frequently provides you an update. If you think you did a great job shipping, prepare to be impressed with the return delivery. I spoke with the person doing the work and got an education. The reels are oiled to clean. In addition to computer media, all reels were copied to new master reels. All work is done here in the USA, n-o-t shipped off shore where they can omit copying for some unclear decision. Over 560 slides and 680 feet of film now reside on CD. All family members receive this special holiday gift. A quality and professional experience where you will find immediate value in this one-time investment.

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