DigMyPics Review From Sherman Oaks, CA - 100% Satisfaction

Today, Fedex returned my large box of over 1,000 35mm slides, prints and negatives which you just scanned. This was my first order with DigMyPics. I'm a retired professional photographer. I wanted to express my 100% satisfaction with the entire process as organized by your company. As someone very detail-oriented, I was impressed with the sophisticated way you organize and document the entire scanning process - from receipt of the box by you through return of the box to me. So many small details were so helpful. For example: the bright red frames around the "rejected" scans on your website; the careful count you made of my approximations; your perfectly following my exact grouping outlined in my order instructions; the good questions asked me to clarify these instructions before starting; your terrific Photo Album which no one else has; your easy to understand billing summary; even the friendly way you label your DVD boxes... In all, a wonderful and satisfying experience. So rare, these days, with any commercial company, regardless of the product and the price! When I originally considered scanning my irreplaceable slides and photos, I was very concerned about the possibility of their being lost and/or mixed with other customer's work. In fact, I was so apprehensive it took me several years to "take the chance" on scanning. I looked at several of your competitors, and found your website uniquely understandable, educational and reassuring. Even so, I waited another several months, reading and rereading all the pages on your website, before I finally decided to "pull the trigger"... I am so glad I did! Thank you so very much for everything - I have already recommended DigMyPics to several friends upon showing them my Photo Album.

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