DigMyPics Review From Sunnyvale, ca - Family 35mm slide conversion to high res jpegs

This morning I received the package containing my original slides and their digitized files on DVD. I am so thrilled with the results. The quality of the pictures are wonderful. These were old slides from the 1940s and 50s, and while they had been carefully stored were dusty. Being family pics many had exposure problems as well. The digitized images I have received were dust free and I could instantly tell that in many cases the exposure "levels" had been corrected as much as possible. The files are arranged and labeled on the DVD disk just as I requested. I can not recommend DigMyPics enough. The email communications I recieved at every stage of my job were very reassuring. I was also very pleased with their "proofing" stage where I was able to remove duplicate photos I decided not to include in the final DVD. Thank you DigMyPics for such a great job! If the need arrises again I would not hesitate use your service again. Cordially Vicki P.

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