DigMyPics Review From Knoxville, TN - slides converted to data DVD

I am beyond pleased with your work! The clarity, color and enhancement are superb. Many of the original slides dated to the 1960's and 1970's (two as early as 1961 and 1962). Having converted a few hundred of the collection myself on a much, much cheaper (both quality and cost!) converter, and not having been satisfied at all with the results even trying a few different photo programs to correct and enhance, I decided to greatly reduce the number of slides and to find a commercial service to convert them. There were less expensive services on the web, but I suspected their results would not be a lot better than mine so I went with DigMyPics. Their work is worth every dime this cost. I have started sorting and culling family paper photos that go back over 100 years. When these are down to a reasonable number, I plan to send them to DigMyPics to digitize.

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