DigMyPics Review From San Antonio, TX - Slide scanning

The folks at Digmypics did a fantastic job scanning my slides. The quality of the scans was excellent--everything I had hoped for and all that they promised. My order was rather large (or at least I think so). I sent them 2200 Kodachrome slides dating from 1962 to 1982. Digmypics says up front that large orders are placed in a queue that make take a week or so to get to and then it takes a couple of weeks for large orders. My order took 4 weeks including some checking that the staff took to make sure they did as I requested. Kodachrome being what it is (was), the color was excellent even after all these years. The slides had been stored in the original containers over the years and were pretty much dust free. Digmypics cleaned all the slides and the dusty ones came out pretty clean--a couple of old boxes that were in bad shape to begin with still had a little dust that I easily removed by me post processing. I selected the 2200 slides from about 8000 to begin with and then rejected about 200 (~10% vs the allowed 20%) from the scanned batch. There was no hassle--Digmypics discounted the price as promised. The slides were returned to me as carefully wrapped as when I sent them out. Because of the size of my order the finished product was, at the suggestion of the staff, sent to me on a 500 GB drive. I paid for the drive but it was a good suggestion and I appreciated it. My scans were done at 2500 dpi which is the resolution I need to make Shutterfly books at 8 x 11. I had both jpg's and tiff's made and the color quality and resolution are excellent. I also ordered the "proof" photo book which is definitely worth the extra price. Another thing I liked was being able to go on line and see the slides as they were scanned (not in real time but right afterwards). What you see is low resolution but it's good enough to track progress. And, finally, I have to say the staff was very supportive. As a first time customer I had lots of questions about packing, secure shipping, choice of resolution, etc., and I always got prompt replies by email and telephone. At the moment I'm working on preparing color negatives from another 8000 pictures that I took from 1982 through 2002 (when I finally switched to a digital camera). I've talked with the staff to get tips on how to do this (even more tedious) job and I'm going to use Digmypics again for the negatives. In short I've had a great experience and can unreservedly recommend Digmypics.

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