DigMyPics Review From Peachtree City - Priceless 80th Birthday

When my parents scaled down and moved from their house into a small apartment, I offered to take the 1000's of slides and 8mm film that my father had taken over the years. Initially, I had bought a small hand-held viewer to do some initial weeding out of slides. When I had confidently eliminated 1/3 of duplicates or poor quality slides, it was time to decide how to digitize them. I considered scanning them myself but was daunted by the task. I also wanted to make sure they were done well. When I saw the price of what it would cost to have them scanned, I balked. For several years. Fast forward five years and my dad's 80th birthday is quickly approaching. He had been asking about the slides for quite awhile so I bit the bullet and sent everything off to digmypics based on the reviews I read. It was a scary thing to send off 50+ year old priceless slides and movies. The communication from digmypics was outstanding. They emailed me at every stage with updates or questions. I called a couple of times and spoke to very helpful people. I just received all my digitized photos and movies and I am beyond thrilled. I have already created a slideshow with music that my dad loves (iMovie/iDVD) that I will play for him during his very special birthday. Could I have saved money by scanning them myself? Undoubtedly (that's why I am giving them a 4 out of 5). But I knew I would be spending hours with the slideshow and was already overwhelmed at that prospect. I also preferred having them in a professional's hands. I would definitely recommend didmypics for preserving your priceless memories.

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