DigMyPics Review From Mesa - 47 year old 35mm slides - A birthday surprise

A huge thank you to the staff at digmypics.com for turning slides that my husband, Gary, took at the CAN AM Race at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in the summer of 1968. We had talked about having the slides made into pictures but we never did. We had concerns about the age of the slides, their fragile condition and we had heard it would be very expensive. This year I decided that it was time to have it done, and digmypics.com came up on Google. I was pleased to see they were near by. I called and was delighted that everyone was on board to help. The slides were transferred onto a DVD and they truly were brought back to pristine condition. In fact, they are probably better than the originals. The booklet with the pictures, 12 per page, turned out beautifully, too. The cost for everything was far lower than I expected, too. I couldn't be happier and my husband was thrilled. This far surpassed my expectations. I will pass on the word that digmypics.com is treasure of great people who do outstanding work.

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