DigMyPics Review From LONG ISLAND, NY - Fantastic From Start to Finish!

Some time ago I undertook to sift through about 3 thousand 35mm slides that my grandfather took...some travel photos but mostly family photos. Most of these slides are 50-60+ years old and were in pretty sad shape...dusty, dirty, deteriorating. I didn't have high hopes! A friend recommended that I send them to DigMyPics. Believe me when I tell you that, while viewing the real time scans online, my family and I were stunned at how good they looked and this was before they were enhanced by the staff of alchemists at DMP. The dust/dirt was gone! When we saw them after they were enhanced we simply couldn't believe it! They looked like they were taken yesterday! Not only do we now have our family memories digitally preserved but the quality is far better than what we initially sent them. So, Thanks DigMyPics! You need to add 6-Far Exceeded My Expectations to the drop down menu below!

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