DigMyPics Review From Bedford, NH - WOW!! DigMyPics is Excellent!!

I have sent two orders totaling about 1650 of my precious 45-year-old slides to DigMyPics, hoping for decent scans so I can view and share these family pictures. In a very short time, the slides were scanned, and then color corrected. I was able to view them all and decide if I liked them. I LIKED THEM!! A few scans needed some more work done on them, because they were dark - we used a simple point & click camera and sometimes the flash didn't work. The DigMyPics technician redid those scans and brought out many hidden features. Amazing! On my second order I ran into a time crunch because of an unexpected trip. I emailed DigMyPics, and they stepped right up, assuring that I could see and approve my pictures before my trip. I even received my slides back (in their original packages) before the trip. That's GREAT customer service! Throughout the process, I was kept informed by email of the digitizing progress and allowed and encouraged to chat with the technicians. I am extremely happy with my scans and with DigMyPics. I have many more family slides to digitize, and will be sending additional batches to DigMyPics as I am able to process them. I highly recommend DigMyPics to everyone! They have made me smile all over again!

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