DigMyPics Review From Sammamish, WA - 8mm and VHS tape conversions

Dear Julie and Stephan: I could not possibly be more pleased with the processing of the 8mm movie film I sent to you than I am. Thank you and all other members of the DIGMYPICS staff who worked on my project. You did some kind of magic with my 3,000 feet of 40-80 year old 8mm movie film! The 40 year old images look better than I remember them; I had never seen the 80 year old movies before. The magic of those pictures permit me to see my wife of 60 years as a baby and youngster, and bring to life many memories of our own for the two of us. We, our children, grandchildren, and future members of their families thank you for letting us and them see so much of our family's history come to life. Sincerely, Keith A. Angier

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