DigMyPics Review From Leicester, MA - Service Above & Beyond

I had not used DigMyPics until recently. I found their ordering process for 35mm slide scanning to be easy to work through. I have sent two separate small shipments (250+ slides each); one in August the second in September. The August shipment was mishandled by FedEx and was missing for four weeks. When it finally arrived at DigMyPics it was found to have been severely damaged with 17 slides in need of remounting and one damaged beyond recovery and the slides in fairly disorganized order. The folks at DigMyPics went to work immediately to avoid further lost time and were able to provide us with high quality results on the entire shipment save the damaged slide. The second shipment arrived without incident and was turned around to us in very good time with high quality results. DigMyPics is a service we will continue to use for all our slide scanning needs. Great technicians and great people providing great service.

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