DigMyPics Review From Minneapolis, MN - Digitized slides

I have now digitized 2 orders of slides totaling almost 1,000 photos I took. Some of these slides were 40 years old. The service provided by DigMyPics exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the results. The time it took to complete each order was well within the time frame stated by DigMyPics and they updated the status regularly as the work on my order progressed.I could go online and get a review of what the digitized slides looked like while they were working on my order. The digitized versions of the slides look exactly like the slides with the added benefit of some looking better than the slides due to some enhancement by DigMyPics. Some of the original slides that were not in very good condition to begin with did not look very good in the digitized form even with some enhancement. I was able to delete these when I previewed them on the DigMyPics website and did not have to pay for the conversion.I kept some, even if the quality was not great because it brought back memories. It is nice that DigMyPics offers that choice. The price charged by DigMyPics is about the same as what other services charge but the quality is far better than what friends have gotten using those other services. You can see some samples here: http://rusty-sharon.smugmug.com/Other/Sample-digitized-slides/29728775_3r4wN5#!i=2491693575&k=hjwhG6g I am a very amateur photographer who likes to take snapshots when I travel. I am extremely pleased with the work DigMyPIcs did and I highly recommend them.

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