DigMyPics Review From Redlands, CA - Awesome Customer Service - Awesome Movies

I was very pleased with the awesome customer service that I received. Not only from the automated emails that notified me my films were there, but the quick responses from live people when I had questions. The Quality of the Movies was great and I also really appreciated the extra efforts that went in to offering the free .jpg pics from the movies, the procedures that allowed me to title and arrange all my movies and also the presentation of how the DVDs were arranged with chapters. Everything was very professional. I am Impressed and have told everyone that I know about DigMyPics. You may wonder why this means so much to me. Well, because no one has see these movies for 40 years (since i was 10) and some of the movies are 55 years old. Some of my relatives will see these movies for the first time. My nieces will get to see their grandparents wedding. To sum it up. AWESOME.

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