DigMyPics Review From Clarksville, Tennessee -

I have to be honest. I usually don't take time to respond to services like yours, especially when things go well. However, you guys really impressed me. Your service was timely, professional and of the highest quality. You made me feel as though my slides were just as important to you as they were to me. I knew every step of the way where they were and what was being done to them. You'll probably be getting more orders from me. The 150+ I sent to you this time were a mere drop in the bucket of the roughly 9000 slides I have that cover 30+ years. I'm sorting through them a box at a time picking out the keepers for scanning. You can expect orders to trickle in over time. I do have some questions, however. Roughly how many slides does one CD hold if scanned at the highest quality? The second highest quality? If I have room on the CD you already sent me, can I return it to you with my next batch of slides so you can add as many as possible to filll that CD? In that case, will the numbering of the new images pick-up where the number of the old images left off? Again thanks. You are SUPER!

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