DigMyPics Review From Denver, CO - Exceptionally delighted. Excellent quality. Great communication.

In the fall of 2012, I had about 2,000 slides that I needed scanned. After performing some cursory research, I narrowed my search to just three scanning companies on the internet. (Local companies and many internet companies were eliminated because of costs). DigMyPics appeared to cater to my top concerns: image quality, reasonable price, and excellent customer communication. While I wasn't looking for a quick return of my scanned images, reviews indicated good performance there as well. I submitted an initial 800 slides to DigMyPics. The email updates on the progress of my order gave me good confidence that DigMyPics was a well managed company. Initially, I didn't think much of the ability to review and delete scanned slides, but I did use this feature for about 20 slides - this saved a few dollars. The resulting scanned images completely met my needs, and several were quite a bit better than I was expecting. In fact, the results were so good that I sent another 1,200 slides for scanning - with equally excellent results. Now that I've used this service twice, for a total of about 2,000 slides, these are the top reasons they have exceeded my expectations: 1) Excellent customer communication. I really appreciated having the email updates on the progress of my order. 2) Online viewing of my scanned images. 3) Excellent quality of the scanned images. Everything they promise on their web site turned into reality for me. 4) Reasonable pricing. Far better than a few local businesses. Perhaps comparable to competitors, but I believe the price for this quality cannot be beat. 5) Good turn around time. I wasn't in a hurry, so their promised turn around time was fine for me. They were well within the durations listed on their web site. 6) Care of my slides. I had bundled slides into groups. My slides were all returned to me with this exact same bundling - this company cares about my precious pictures! 7) Folders. While bundling my slides to ship to DigMyPics, I discovered that they will gladly (for no charge if the bundles are large enough) put each grouping of slides into its own folder. I didn't think this would be important to me, but now I recognize that this was a very useful service. In short, DigMyPics far exceeded my expectations on services I needed as well as in their quality, communication and services. Thank you! BillH

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