DigMyPics Review From Osssining, ny - My Dad's Slides

My Dad loved to take photos and back in the day, they were all on slides. He had a slide projector from the 1950s and a screen that we set up in the living room. We gathered on the couch with our snacks and strolled down memory lane with laughter and sometimes a few tears. I hadn't seen any of those images in 25 years. I sent about 86 slides to digmypics with very low expectiations. When I was sent the final result, I was absolutely delighted. There were slides that were so dark that I could barely make them out and digmypics turned them into beautiful images. Amazing work. I will be sending more soon. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you digmypics!! Thanks for giving me back some wonderful memories. :)

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