DigMyPics Review From Austin - From 35mm Slides to jpg

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by DigMyPics; the image quality is better than expected, the progress updates reduce the anxiety levels regarding loss of the originals and the ability to review the images before buying them is a very good idea. The only suggestion I have for a potential new customer is to monitor your outbound and inbound shipping costs closely. I sent forty 35mm slides; the final cost per image was about one dollar per slide and a considerable percentage was due to shipping. Shipping cost per each will decrease greatly as the number of images increases; however that will put more of your irreplaceable memories at risk to loss, damage or shipping theft. Those one of a kind photos of a deceased parent/grandparent will be forever gone if they are all in the same shipping package and something happens to it while in route to DigMyPics. The return trip is not quite as risky; DigMyPics keeps copies, as advertised for 14 days, only the hard copy will be lost. Remember, the hard copy will fade away as it ages anyway. Again, I am happy with the results, I have recommended DigMyPics to others and I plan to have more slides digitized by DigMyPics.

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