DigMyPics Review From West Palm Beach, FL - Amazing Slide Scanning Job

My mother found several hundred old 35mm slides in her attic last year. I was determined to digitize them one way or another. My first attempt was to use a slide scanner I purchased myself. I found that not only did this take an incredible amount of time, but the picture quality was terrible. Because the slides had been stored in her attic, the color had changed and the software that came with the scanner did not adequately adjust for this. Additionally, there was some dust on the slides which made for really bad digitized images. I eventually gave up on scanning myself and found digmypics. I must say they delivered what that promised. Not only did they clean the dust off slides but they corrected the color once the images were scanned in. The photos came out amazing! At least 10x better than the quality of the slide scanner I had purchased. The whole process was easy and their customer service was amazing. I would definitely recommend this company and would absolutely use them again.

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