DigMyPics Review From Olney, Md - Great service! Good job all around.

We had over 1500 precious and irreplaceable family slides from the last 60 years that were getting moldy and needed to be scanned ASAP. I checked out many sites but eventually decided on digmypics.com. They had great reviews, and they clearly put a lot of detail in their site to describe their service and what sets them apart. and the cost was reasonable. Shipping was easy especially because we kept all slides in original containers - no need to transfer them to new boxes. They scanned them at both low and high resolution. The detail and sharpness were great. Color was excellent even on slides that were 60 years old. It was great that they labeled each slide directory with the notation on the slide boxes. And it was obvious that they handled each slide individually-even noting which were too far gone with mold and maybe should be skipped. They really did their best and worked to keep me notified about status. I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to others in my family.

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