DigMyPics Review From Baytown, TX - Excellency at best!

I have never written a review before, but I think the people at Digmypics certainly deserve words of praise. I felt nervous when sending the material (even with the impressive mailing label system) because the material I was sending was 50 years old and belongs to my mother-in-law, very dear to her! Imagine if something went wrong! But as soon as it got there I relaxed through the process thanks to the effective and caring communication, excellent service and professionalism of the personnel. It was very exciting to wait during the process, the fact that they are telling you what's going on and what to expect makes it a "feel safe"and fun experience. The material turned out wonderful, it exceeded my expectations. She is going to have a great surprise! Thank you to all of you! Other companies should look after your model of customer service and emulate it! Very refreshing in a very impersonal and sometimes mediocre business world. Sincerely, Grisell P.S. Please excuse any mistake, English is not my first language!

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