DigMyPics Review From Massachusetts - Great job, outstanding customer service

I did a fair bit of research online before deciding on digmypics to convert some 8mm film to DVD. I looked at ScanCafe and others sites. One of my primary reasons for selecting digmypics was that they are located in the U.S. and also do all their work here. Some companies may have a P.O. Box here, but then re-ship your stuff anywhere from the Bahamas to India. digmypics does all their stuff in Arizona. This meant I could ship my movies to them via USPS with tracking and know that when my stuff arrived there, it was at its final destination. The quality came out very well, better than I'd expected. We had previously had the film converted to VHS in the '80s (back when the state-of-the-art consisted of pointing a camcorder at a projection screen), and that was the quality I was used to. When I finally saw the results, they were astounding. (One minor thing to be aware of is that technique used can cause the finished product to look like it "jumps" every now and then. It's not always noticeable (I noticed it, but my mother didn't), and is an artifact of the frame-by-frame conversion and the fact that 8mm film was designed to run at 16 fps while NTSC video runs at 29.97 fps. Some DVD players even detect this and correct for it. This will happen no matter who does your conversion -- it's the way the technology works.) But by far one of the biggest benefits to digmypics is their amazing customer service. When I had questions about the scanned film, I received e-mail responses the same day, sometimes in as little as a couple of hours. (And of course, if you call, you can get responses instantaneously). The people you're calling/e-mailing actually have the details of your order and know what they're talking about. Their competitors could all use the exact same technology and I'd still go with digmypics again, because they clearly care about their customers and the work they do.

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