DigMyPics Review From Spring Hill, FL - Beta Conversion and B&W negative scans

I sent a Betamax tape that was created in 1983 and pobably has been played in almost 20 years. My expectation that this tape could even be recovered were pretty low I will confess. And not only the tape was converted butthe results far exceeded my expectations. There was some degradation of the tape as expected, but the results was watchable, bringing back many memories. The B&W 35mm negatives were shot at Dinner Key in Florida around 1940. I needed the highest possible scan to try and identify specific aircrat pictured in them. The results in TIFF format allowed me to not only identify the types of aircraft but in two cases to narrow it to a specific aircraft. These will be the basis of a future article in a specialist publication on air operations out of Dinner Key. In both cases the results far exceeded my expectation and the prices were well in-line with what I would consider reasonable.

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