DigMyPics Review From ky - 1960's Home Movies

My father passed away in 2005. About 2 yrs ago I was going through some of his things and found a cigar box full of home movies from pre-1965. I have held onto them, not really knowing what to do with them. I recently came across them again and thought I should take care of saving this because those memories, you could never get back. The film was in horrible shape. Many broken sections and it was so brittle that I was afraid to touch it. I found Digmypics and decided to give it a shot. The film was not any good to me in it's present condition. Wow!! is all I can say. I was kept informed the entire process via email. When I received the external drive and DVD's, I really was surprised at the great restoration job. I'm sure people pay 5 times the money for the same quality. I took one copy to my mother over the weekend and she was very happy to see these 'lost' moments in time. I am looking forward to boxing up all my pre-digital age photos and sending them in next!!

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