DigMyPics Review From Macon, GA - Converting 35 MM Slides to Digital

I just received my first order of 100 slides converted to Digital on two CDs. Some of the slides were 40 years old. Many were taken during my early years in the U.S. Navy and contain great memories of places visited. Now I have these images in digital format and can share them on my Blog and also with my Siblings who reside in the Mid-West, while I enjoy mild Georgia U. S. A. Winters full time. The quality of the images was terrific. Today, I will go through more slides to submit another order. I hope to conclude the conversion from slides to digital with my efforts today, January 20, 2012. Of course while I am sorting the slides I want scanned I am also eliminating a lot of poor shots taken way back when. In addition to the CDs they also return your original slides. While few have 35MM Slide Projectors I still do and I also enjoy the slides in this manner. As regards the conversion process, I was able to view the preliminary scans and to reject those I did not desire on the CDs. I rejected four of the 100 submitted. Additionally I was provided a software tool where I could convert the images on the CSs to read/write. I have uploaded the images to my Computer and have edited several to improve the color or to crop sections out of the images. I have no other experience with companies that scan slides; however I will say, I will rely on this firm to complete my project - converting slides to digital. While I did not order any DVD's I understand that it is possible to make a movie along with appropriate music. This firm is impressive. As regards customer service: I was able to communicate via E-Mail about my order and received rapid responses. This firm believes in keeping the customer satisfied and also very happy. I found them on the WWW and I appreciate the service I have receive. Well Done!!!!

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