DigMyPics Review From Carrollton, TX - I love these guys

I first learned of DigMyPics from the Wall Street Journal maybe 5 years back... I always remembered the name but still wasn't "ready" for finally assembling my project and paying "someone else" to scan for me. So, first job I sent was a few years ago: all of my honeymoon slides (yes slides) from 1995. I'd tried scanning myself on a Canon slide scanner and then later a very recent flat-bed... while I could do the scans myself (ignoring about 1 minute a piece for about 600 slides) I wasn't comfortable with optimizing them color/exposure wise. Needless to say, DigMyPics really did a GREAT post-scan job in terms of correction. I simply could not have done it myself, and, my biggest holdback in finally getting this project done was worrying that it was done right the first time. I have no doubt that DMP brought my memories to digital as best as can be done. This past month I had them do the rest of my 20 years of photos with my darling bride. About 1600 negatives. Again, I'm very happy that they are FINALLY on my Mac and I know that the best possible scanning and correction has been applied. So, sorry for the rambling comments - but I really do appreciate this company - the prices are fair, the work is top-notch, and as I've said, the peace-of-mind I have that my memories are now digital (and optimal) is very much worth it. They'll be getting my 8mm video tapes next!

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