DigMyPics Review From Moorhead - Quality work, with a few glitches, great customer service!

As a Christmas gift to my family, I ordered our family slides digitized in 4 sets of high & low resolution and thumbnail printed guides. As the holidays are a very busy for this company, you need to allow extra time for a large project. My order did not arrive as specified, but the very pleasant & helpful customer service folks tried to rectify by Christmas, however, there was not enough time. Ultimately, I received all items ordered and the scanning job is high quality. Slides/photos were not grouped & labelled as I had requested, and I suggest customers package and label into groups exactly how they want them to avoid confusion. However, I was not charged extra for smaller groupings, so that was good. My family is thrilled with the quality of the scans, and happy to each have their own copies of our family slides.

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