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DigMyPics! Frequently Asked Questions for Scanning Photos to CD and DVD

What scanner equipment do you use for prints?
print scanning service photo scanning service Scanning prints is more challenging than it sounds.  The design of all flatbed scanners makes producing high quality images quickly very challenging.  They are not only slow, but because you place each photo on a piece of glass and move it around to get it into position the glass gets dirty and even scratched.
If you don't clean the glass between each scan, the dirt and dust left behind by the previous photos will appear on all subsequent photos and scratches never go away so they also appear on all photos scanned by that scanner even if you clean the glass. Clearly you can't do any kind of high quality, large volume work on a flatbed unless you're willing to work for mere pennies per hour.

When selecting the equipment necessary to scan prints, we needed speed to keep the costs down but we also needed to produce a clean, crisp, high quality image.  We ultimately decided that we needed a special piece of equipment designed specifically for the task of scanning prints.  Our solution wouldn't be found at OfficeMax or CompUSA.  Our proprietary solution involves custom hardware and software that is unique to DigMyPics! and it solves all of the problems of a flatbed scanner while producing a quality image unmatched by any other scanning solution we've seen. 

Some oversized and delicate photos can not be scanned by these devices and will need to be scanned on a flatbed scanner.  That means we dispose of, or find new homes for, quite a few flatbeds that get a scratch on their glass surface.

I've seen some photo feeding scanners at the store.  How well do they work?

There have been some attempts by scanner manufacturers to mass market photo scanners that can feed a batch of standard prints.  We test these products whenever they come out.  We've found them to have the following problems:
  • They drag your photos across the glass as they feed them. This causes pieces of dust to scratch both the prints and the glass.
  • They still scan through glass so dust and scratches are still a problem
  • They leaves scratches on the prints they process
  • The scratches on the glass begin to show up on every scan. The first few batches won't have the scratches but once the glass is scratched, every subsequent photo will show the scratches
  • They jam or double feed often and the problem worsens over time.
  • The images still need to be cropped, rotated and color enhanced so just scanning them isn't enough. They require a lot of work afterwards, too.  They usually include software that will do the color enhancement automatically, but we've found it to produce an image with poor contrast and washed out colors.  It looks like a print that was scanned and not a crisp clean digital image. 

Those scanners may save you a little time but at the expense a quality image.

What about high speed color document scanners?

We've tried a variety of these, too. Some costing thousands of dollars.  They are fast!  And they offer some incredible automation capabilities but they suffer from some serious flaws with respect to scanning photos.  They still scan through a piece of glass so dust and scratches are a constant problem.  They are also designed for scanning documents, not photos.  We worked with Kodak to try and modify one of their high speed scanners for our purposes but ultimately we could never get their high-end, high-speed color scanners to produce an image even close to something we considered acceptable.  We've noticed that some of our competitors have taken this route in order to match our pricing. We think scanning prints using this strategy is a waste of time and money.

Do you rotate and crop the images?   We will manually rotate images to the correct orientation for no additional charge.  We also will crop your images to remove any border left by the scanning equipment. 

How long will it take for you to scan my prints?   Our current turn around time is updated constantly and posted on the left sidebar of every page.  We offer a rush service if you need them rushed; just contact us to arrange to have your order expedited.

How many photos can you transfer to a CD?   A CD holds 650MB.    Check out our resolutions page.  It has details about how many photos of different type fit on a CD or DVD data disk.

Can you put my photos in different directories?   Yes!  If you group your prints and name and label the group, we'll put that group in its own directory.  We'll also name the files so that they start with that name, too. We want your files to be easy to work with and we do what we can to facilitate that.  We just ask that you try to put no fewer than 40 or so photos in a group.

Can I see some samples of your work?   Of course!  We have a few customers who were kind enough to allow us to use their photos on our site as examples of our work.  Use the link below to have a look.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us!
Samples of our print scans

My prints are in albums. Is that a problem?   No Problem. We can still scan your prints but additional charges may apply.  There are an assortment of album types so please contact us about the costs.
I have some more questions or special requirements.  What should I do?
  Call or write!  We're here to help.  Don't wait.  Transfer your old photos to CD or DVD today.



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