DVD Data Disk

A DVD Data Disk is not a movie.  DVD is a storage medium just like a CD that requires a DVD drive in your computer.  It can hold any kind of data, including digitized movies but it is not exclusive to movies.  It can be used to hold audio, video, computer files, and/or digital photos.  The most important difference between a DVD and a CD is the amount of data it can hold.  While a CD can hold 650MB of data, a DVD can hold 4.7GB of data or nearly 7 times as much.  We can store about 7 times more of your digital photos on 1 DVD data disk as we can on 1 CD.  That means you'll have fewer discs to manage and you'll save money on discs.  In fact, you may save enough money to justify buying an external or internal DVD drive for your computer if you don't already have one.

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