What is The Dig Picture?

Welcome to The Dig Picture. A blog about, well, us!
There are many well established blogs about photography so we thought we'd spend these pages describing the experiences of a dotcom in a global economy. You might not think that such a small company in a niche market could offer much of interest but our business is truly a microcosm of global happenings.  The issues that confront us span the headlines of any major newspaper and vary from commercial real estate to global outsourcing.

It's a tough time for both businesses and consumers.  As consumers, we're bombarded with an avalanche of endless ads, clips, and product claims. Even a simple web search can quickly turn into a harrowing experience that leaves us wondering who and what to believe.  As a business, the race to catch your eye and get you to buy is becoming increasingly competitive. It's our belief that building the best company in the industry cannot be achieved by merely out-shouting the others.  It requires the hard work of delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. 

Our hope with this blog is to bring our customers and potential customers a candid look at the practices and people behind these web pages.  For our team of highly trained photographers and videographers, digitizing each one of your photos and videos is an art, and we want to help you bring your art to life. We look forward to sharing techniques, tips of the trade, and creative advice from a vantage point that combines our loads of experience and passionately artistic minds.

Thanks for reading,

Your friends at DigMyPics.