Hidden Treasures

The following is a true story based on actual events. 

For most of us, our old pictures are treasure enough. This is a story about how one customer got more treasure than he expected when digitizing his fathers old slides. 

When his dad passed away, the son had the task of divvying up a life time's collection of old pictures. He gathered up the dozens of slide carousels from the attic, packed them up, and sent them to digmypics to have them scanned. When the scanning technician was preparing to scan the slides, she noticed something out of the ordinary. She fished out what turned out to be a folded up 100 dollar bill, wedged in the slide carousel! As she continued to scan, she found more and more $100 bills between the slides!

Digmypics immediately notified the customer on what it had found. The customer was surprised. He had no idea that there was cash in his order. It turns out his father had chosen the slide carousels as a safe spot to hide his savings. He had been storing money in the carousels for years, and hadn't told anyone. 

There was enough cash in the carousels to cover the cost of the scans. In fact, there was so much cash in there, digmypics ended up cutting the customer a check! The son was touched that his fathers savings had more than paid for the transfer of his father's legacy.